Thursday, January 26, 2012

Different way

This BR dress has become one of my favorite dresses so far previously worn with bare legs, easy and flirty way, this time around i wanted to wear it for work.
The best thing about this dress is the richness in color making it extremely easy to play with colors to accessories it either with shoes,blazers or tights.
Hope you like the end result as much as i do!
Have blessed day everyone!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot pink

Hello all ,
This is what i wore yesterday to work ,not much to say about this outfit that i'm in love with the color of this skirt combined with this cream top.
This shoes caught my eye at the store i love the fact that by looking at it from the front no one can tell it has a hint of snake print at the back.
I'm Also introducing my dog Skippy, my little chihuahua that wants to be part of the fotoshoot lol!
My thanks to my oldest son Joshua who is helping mommy out by taking my pictures,great job baby!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ocean view

The weather in Florida has been extremely nice for the last few days. It feels like Spring with a soft breeze in the air and a beautiful blue sky. I took advantage of the weather to pull out my faux leather leggings,wish i had it in black too. I want to feel comfortable and still look chic when I’m out to lunch with my boys.
I love the ocean and the serenity it's transmits, it brings joy and peace to the heart.
In a city surrounded by water and the ocean,the bay area has so many beautiful hidden places and today i found one of them!
I love the   mix of silk,pearls,faux- leather and prints!
I had a beautiful weekend with my boys, hope you guys had too!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This fuchsia multi - color dress is my most recent purchased  and after shortly thinking what shoes to wear with it, my blue shoes came to mind.
Imagined i almost sold them!!!
Hope you guys like this combinations as much as i do!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Red shoes

After spending the afternoon with the boys the hubby took me to the mall for some minor  shopping.
You probably feel the same when shopping with the husband once feel so limited but sometimes little means more.
When we were about to take some pictures we realized the batteries on my camera was dead so we ended up using the cel phone .
It was a gorgeous late afternoon with some mild wind that ended up playing with my dress.
Interested place we happen to noticed this two love birds :)


This past Sunday was one of my favorite since the hubby had switched his days and was off from work,i love Sundays specially if spend with my 3 man's.
We went to our local Electric Plant that in order to keep the plant from over heating it uses the sea water to cool off.After is processed and recycle it makes it back to the ocean warm.
The water temperature this time of the year  are relatively cold many of Tampa bay area Manatee's have found this spot and make it their temporary home.Once the water temperature rises up again in early spring , they find their way back to the ocean.
I ask myself how did they find this spot, Amazing!!!!
Second post will follow with what i wore and how i spend the rest of sunday's afternoon :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A hint of Cowboy

It's been cold in Florida again,great excuse to dig out the coats and layer pieces of garments to keep yourself warm.This coat is actually 1 to 2 sizes bigger then what i usually wear and its because is my moms she bought it in Germany on her last trip there.
I fall in love with it at first sight i love that is navy and has the detachable fur  and i ask her to lend it to me with the only conditions that i don't altered it and believe me i wish i could especially at the chest area!
I still think i can pull it off specially when wearing heavy sweater underneath.
Here some pictures realize i should had wear some make up something i honestly don't get used too but i understand pictures look much better with it.
Happy Sunday everyone!!