Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forget me not

This jeans have become my for most favorites piece at this moment,i was  hunting a pair of floral jeans for quite some time.
When i saw this one at Asos i was not completely convinced by it at first but soon after taking a closer look at the print i realized it has this tiny  blue and purple pink flower called forget me not.That's all it took for me to go and purchased it!
That flower has a personal meaning to me,it brings me back to my childhood growing up in Germany.Gardening with my Oma (grandma )we used to plant so many flowers together,she had a gorgeous  garden but  i was particular fascinated by this flower.
Since gaining some unwanted weight i had to go up a size which makes the fit  comfortable but yet i'm concerned it would be to big after i lose the weight, hopefully soon.
This pink t-shirt was my husband, i customized it my simply cutting off the sleeve and neck bidding.I don't know what it is but lately i have been wearing my husband clothes, so far  3 t-shirt and 3 jeans  have become my latest victims.Thank god  he is such a sport not complaining at all but i felt so bad after he told me in gentle way that i cut off one of his favorite jeans.
Do you guys like to wear your partners clothes as well ??? or is that a big no no??? please share your thoughts with me,would love to read them!!
Sorry for my freeze hair but summer weather here in Florida are always extremely hot and humid !!!

Much Love,


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Pictures thanks to my stylish friend Cistina and the last 6 fotos by me :) !!!
Lately i'm obsessed with polka dots,what are you guys  obsessed with lately ????
Would love to hear your feedback!!!
Happy Sunday :)

Much Love,


                       Obsessed with this Polka Dot bag ,need to have it !!!!!

1.Polka dot jeans : Paige
2.Cross necklace:Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry
3.Chambray d'Orsay Flats:Jenni Kayne 
4.Watch :Michael Kors
5.Both Bags :Rebecca Minkoff
6.Red shoes and the white booties: Elizabeth and James
7.Blue lace dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
8.Drawstring Waist Gown: Thakoon
9.Loafers: Jeffrey Campbell
10.Sunglasses: House of harlow
11, and down:all J.Crews

Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation post 4: Beach wear

Hi everyone,

My final post about my trip is here,i know it's feels like forever  but i'm pleased to say,i have posted everything that caught my eyes.
The pictures where taken after we crossed  the famous 7 miles bridge that connects Key West with south Florida,there is only water around  it.
After one passes it comes several more bridges of 2-3 miles !!
We stopped at the last one because right after it there is this gorgeous park that offers a stunning view from every aspect also wild animal and a lovely beach.
I don't have to say much i believe is all capture in the pictures!!!
The couple of last pictures are from  Miami (South Beach), they were having a boat racing right at the beach something i only seen on TV,they kids were thrilled.
About my outfit :a simple beach wear , a hi-low lace dress that i have been wearing as a cover up after i removed the under slip.
I feel is just perfect to lounge around and feel sexy without revealing too much.
Hope you guys like it!!!
Thanks you all so much for reading,commenting and visiting my blog ,i know i have said it so many times,but it truly encourages me and gives a meaning to this adventure.Remember if you like it please follow would mean even more :)

Happy Friday and much love,

                The Famous 7miles bridge that connects Key West with South  Florida

                                       How fresh is my dog,he can't never resist a pile of clothes lol