Monday, July 2, 2012

One more candle !


                                                    Posing with my lovely niece ,love that girl.


                                                    Love my fabulous card by my lovely friend Cisti.
                                          Some of my gift from my lovely friend Cisti.

                                            The birthday table,more picture of my gift once they arrived.

 My mini cake thanks to my lovely friend Cisti,love you girl.It was delicious brought me so many memories.

     The Hubby cooking something special,i find it so sexy when a man is in the kitchen,sorry for my broken stove had a major accident couple of months ago  ;)

                It looks a little bit messy but it was delicious Yummy,thanks babe you did a great job!!!

Finally July is here, my favorite month of the whole year probably because summer is here and it's my Birthday yeiii !!!
I had a early celebration on Saturday , i haven't be feeling well lately i been having migraine almost every single day, i think you can see it in my face.
Today was a quite day for me i believe that it doesn't matter how you celebrate your birthday as long as you are grateful to be another year older,healthier,wiser and surrounded by family and friends!!!
It's so sad how fast your birthday passes by and how long ones wait for it to come,right ?!
My mom always says ones celebrates ones birthday the whole month and i couldn't agree more with her.
I wanna thank my husband and my  dear friend Cistina for making me feel extra special today.
About my outfit i had purchase this dress in a mint color and i couldn't resist getting it in pink too that's how much i love it.My oldest son insisted i wore this polka dot shirt on top of it,what you guys think of it ???
Thanks again to all of the beautiful people that passed by on my previous post and left me a lovely comment,i highly appreciate it.

Much Love,


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend! And sister from another momma :-) You look fabulous, and the polka dot shirt is a hit.... As soon as I saw it, I thought one of us MUST have it :-). I am glad you enjoyed your day, and remember... From a June 1st birthday girl, whenever your birthday falls at the beginning of the month, by default you are entitled to celebrated for the rest of it! LOL.... Don't be shy, keep celebrating :-)

  2. You have a good eye for outstanding pieces true sense of fashion and style.Thank you for being such a good friend to me.


  3. Cari muchisimas felicidades, un poco tarde, jjaja, perdona con el ajetreo del cumple de Abi, casi no he tenido tiempo de bloguiar, te deseo toda la dicha del mundo, a traves de las fotos y tus comentarios, he percibido una joven buena y sencilla y te deseo todo lo mejor del mundo y que Dios te premie con una princesa.

    1. Gracias Anyi,no te preocupes yo entiendo como es eso cuando uno esta celebrando el cumpleaños a los niños.Tan linda que eres mil gracias por tu buenos deseo y ojala asy sea.


  4. Happy birthday :) You look beautiful! I love your skirt and neon shoes!!

  5. Hey FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS Cari, que sean muchos mas colmados de Bendiciones! Tienes una familia muy bonita, lacomida se ve deliciosa, espero la hayas pasado de maravilla; me encantó la tarjeta con las muñequitas que cuhiiii :)
    Ahora vamos con el look, perfecto para celebrar, lleno de colores y alegría!!! He intentado combinar las pulseras y nunca me resulta! No me canso de decirlo, tu pelo es hermoso! Besos linda...
    Con Tacones en el Metro

  6. Hola guapa,
    Muchas felicidades por tu cumpleaños!
    El pastel tiene muy buena pinta y los regalos son fantásticos!
    Tienes una familia adorable :)
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y te sigo desde ya! Ojalá tú también puedas seguirme,


  7. awesome nails!