Sunday, February 26, 2012

Out of the Ordinary

Hi Everyone,

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!!
This winter has been extremely mild here in central Florida with temperatures in the upper 70 and 80 with only couple of days of cold.
Since moving to Florida almost 4 years ago winter felt more like up north, questioning myself m'i really in Florida??
Winter it's nice too i love snow but i also love the easiness that  higher temperatures  brings,the light weight clothes and the time spend outside.
One or Two Cold fronts are acceptable since they only last couple of days and gives me the chance to wear boots,sweaters and trench coats which are amazing too.
Yesterday was one of those cold days where i was able to wear something out of my comfort zone .
What i love about this sweater is that is perfectly constructed the placements of the sequins are amazing and the leopard print is to die for!
At first i was doubting myself about getting this amazing sweater on sale at Zara because of it's oversize fit since i always think it makes me look bigger.
I received so many compliments from my hubby last night ,it's his favorite look so far, he's in love with this sweater and had ask me to wear it again soon.
It's his favorite piece of garment  in my closet so he said lol
Do you have a out of the ordinary piece of garment in your closet ??

Happy Sunday!!

                                                 MY oldest son trying to be in the picture,love him.
                                            They always wanna be part of the photoshoot lol

                                                                               The End!!!


  1. Wow, I love this sweater, its great!