Monday, November 19, 2012

Peplum and pearls at sunset

 Today's pictures are relatively old they were from my trip to the Bok gardens couple of weeks ago, for those of you who had read along knows what i'm talking about.I have been dealing with a cold, probably because of the crazy weather we been having in Florida.One day is hot the other day is cold leaving me with a cold but the opportunity to wear  my winter clothes.But unfortunately i haven't taken proper pictures of it but i have posted most of them  at my instagram account if you like to follow is carinalamore.
Are you guys ready for the first major holiday coming up this week??Well i'm not since this  time of the year is when i start getting nostalgic and miss my family a lot.And since we won't be traveling any where it makes it even worse.I wasn't even planning on cooking anything special i believe we shouldn't  wait for this time of the year to count our blessings and be thankful.I rather do it all year around but i do find inspiration in cooking and setting up the table and eating with the whole family.I'm very thankful i have them in my life is what truly gives meaning to my everyday existing.
What are you thankful for??Is any of you cooking or traveling?What about black Friday shopping?Would love to hear about your plans!
If i don't post before Thanksgiving have a safe and thankful one!!

Much Love,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chambray and pink

Finally some cooler weather here in Florida!My chance to digg out my winter clothes, specially tall boots and trench coats.I have been extremely busy for the last 4 days.My lovely mom came to visit,she had me driving her around.I felt like a chicken with no head lol !But it was all worth it, i love to have her around ,she is an amazing person and my best friend as well.She was here doing here Christmas shopping,this means i was exposed to so many stores,it was quite overwhelming.Well now i miss her terribly and looks like we wont be
spending the Holidays together.
But im very thankful for every minute i got to spend with her.Specially after being lucky not to be involved in an horrible accident that happened 10 feet from us on a highway going 70/80 miles per hour.Life can truly change in a second and i believe god is truly everywhere.The girl that crashed luckily came out without a scratch ,i went to help her and i honestly thought of the worse.I couldnt believe my eyes when she was all alright.Im truly thankful it was all a big scare.
To my outfit,this is what i wore to drop my mom off at the airport.It is always hard to say goodbye but i think is more a see you later.
Hope you guys like it.
Remember to always count your blessings and care for your loved ones.

Much Love,

Monday, November 5, 2012

1 year blog anniversary

Hello Everybody,

Today is special day since my blog is 1 year old i must say it has been quite a journey for me.Sometimes being a love and hate relationship,when i started this blog i had a totally different idea what blogging is all about.Still not 100% sure of it all and still learning everyday from it i gave it a year before quitting .Now the year is here and i'm not sure if i should continue with it or give up completely ?Sometimes i don't feel edgy enough,skinny,beautiful or young enough to be blogging.I know everything sound so negative but trust me, i try not to be,i would say is more being realistic.I honestly don't know what to expect from blogging i'm sure i'm not a model and i have never pretended to be one.But i believe fashion comes in different ages and shape,some people invest a lot of money on it while others don't.Some are super creative with what they have,some people are vintage and others change it every 6 months.Well i have a little bit of everything moderated of course sometimes being too girly.Anyhow i hope i have inspired some of you some how with my outfits,looks and places i have seen this past year.I still have so much to learn and i'm looking forward to hear your suggestion what you have liked and what not.I still don't know how to links finds of similar items i have worn if anyone will be so kind to help me out,i would highly appreciated.

Now to my outfit post this is the second choice i wore on my trip to The Bok Gardens,i called it sequins by day.
This time i wanna talk about The Pinewood Estate previously called "El Retiro"the estate was built in the early 1930's for Charles Austin Bock.Having made a fortune in steel,he wanted to build a winter estate where he could be surrounded by his nine children and 18 grandchildren during the holidays.
The house that was to become one of the finest examples of Mediterranean-style architecture in the Florida.
Because Bock was a lover of nature and an amatuer horticulturist,the gardens were designed first and the house was positioned later to provide a natural flow from garden to the house.
The estate include several wonderful elements: a formal Mediterranean-style garden with a Spanish frog fountain that leads guest into an enchanting stone grotto at the front of the house,an Oriental moon gate fountain off the dining room porch and an English-style country garden with a rolling lawn and a pond that reflects the afternoon sunsets.
He  was also a great admirer of the Latin lifestyle and architecture,and he wanted "El retiro" to be reminiscent of it.
Wanted to share a little be of the history of this gorgeous Mansion that still today has maintain it's beauty,i had the sense that there was  still people living in it.A little be creepy too!!
I hope you enjoy it.
I also wanna thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart for your support,for taking your time to pass by  to read,or leaving a comment .I really appreciated and i hope i can continue to grow in this field and provide ya'll with more exciting places,outfits and/or anything else that comes my way.

Much Love,