Friday, November 9, 2012

Chambray and pink

Finally some cooler weather here in Florida!My chance to digg out my winter clothes, specially tall boots and trench coats.I have been extremely busy for the last 4 days.My lovely mom came to visit,she had me driving her around.I felt like a chicken with no head lol !But it was all worth it, i love to have her around ,she is an amazing person and my best friend as well.She was here doing here Christmas shopping,this means i was exposed to so many stores,it was quite overwhelming.Well now i miss her terribly and looks like we wont be
spending the Holidays together.
But im very thankful for every minute i got to spend with her.Specially after being lucky not to be involved in an horrible accident that happened 10 feet from us on a highway going 70/80 miles per hour.Life can truly change in a second and i believe god is truly everywhere.The girl that crashed luckily came out without a scratch ,i went to help her and i honestly thought of the worse.I couldnt believe my eyes when she was all alright.Im truly thankful it was all a big scare.
To my outfit,this is what i wore to drop my mom off at the airport.It is always hard to say goodbye but i think is more a see you later.
Hope you guys like it.
Remember to always count your blessings and care for your loved ones.

Much Love,


  1. Carinaaa guapaaa. Estas totalmente desconocida, has conseguido tu objetivo, madre que cambio.
    Realmente preciosa, lo ves como poco a poco, con constancia todo se logra.
    Estoy sin palabras y feliz por verte tan tan bien.
    Besitos preciosa..

  2. Oh wow, you've been busy! I'm so glad to hear the girl is doing all right...that must've been super scary!

    And wow, I absolutely love your shoes in these pictures! Super stylish! I'm definitely gonna be on the lookout for some like those on ebay :)

  3. Adoro tus zapatos!!! Estás guapísima!

  4. Ay Cari, casi muero con este look, te ves divina, estoy perdidamente enamorada de tu cartera y zapatos, besitos y gracias por tus palabras.



  6. lovely outfit <3<3 you look so beautiful in <3

  7. Love the hot pink heels, hun!

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    xx Love & Aloha

  8. great your shoes, i really love themm!


  9. THOSE SHOES!!!! i am in love! so nice that your mom came to visit :)

    xo Diana

    Dressed Up Alligators

  10. This outfit is amazing, I really like how the colors in this outfit are neutral except for the shoes which are so colorful and beautiful! It makes them stand out more! eeep, I really do love your shoes :) And i'm so glad to hear that the girl in the car crash came out fine, must have been such a scary experience!

  11. Those shoes, I just love them and every time I see them I love them even more! Just an amazing hot pink!