Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silver caps and stripe's

Hi Everyone,

How is your week going so far?I have been doing this squats challange for 30 days plus jogging/power walking  4 miles with 1 hour weight training.I'm so sore and exhausted you guys have no idea but like they say no pain no gain.I'm trying to loose ten pounds that seemed so hard to get rid of.But i'm so motivated i just  need to stay focus and consistent.This is the second time i'm wearing this cap toe pumps i got through Ebay i must say is one of the best purchases i made.Super comfy and cute!The top is also via Ebay and i had a hard time trying to style it.For pants it seemed too short and even though i had a different skirt in mind this one win me over because of  the high waist.It just made it perfect!

Much Love


  1. I love the dewing dark skies against the pastel pink of your skirt and heels...and that color looks gorgeous on you! Love those shoes btw! xo


  2. Love this outfit. Looks very whimsical and dreamy. The skirt look very cute and unique.


  3. This outfit is so sweet, I love the skirt and the cap toe heels are gorgeous! Really like the bright pink belt too:)