Sunday, January 6, 2013

Purple's and Bow

Both the dress and the opera gloves were gifts from my dearest friends.I had been wishing on some long gloves for quite some time and i was beyond joy when my friend gave them to me.She truly surprised me :)
It's great to have friends that know ones so well!
My current obsession is Bows in any possible way and you will be seeing a lot of it on the blog.
Are you guys also obsessed with bows? Or anything else?Would love to hear it!
About this place, is  the former grand resort hotel in Tampa,a gorgeous historical building with so much history,architecture and antiqueness .I have fallen in love with this place that now serves as The University of Tampa and a Museum.I know i will be coming back many times and in my 4 years living in this area i'm so blessed to have find this hidden Gem.In contrast to this historical building across the river is the modern Down Town buildings and even so this building shines on his own.

P.S: I finally got my new camera
Much Love,