Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The holiday blues

It's been so long since the last time i blogged since i don't have much followers and still don't have a real camera i don't see the point of having a blog.
 Then again all beginnings are hard right?
 Anyways feeling inspired to write again .....
I wanna talk a little bit about giving at the holiday season is not so much about gifts  most of us can afford most material things at anytime there is much more to Christmas then gifts.
Is the time where a lot a people suffer from the holiday blues for many reason could be missing loved ones,having the family far away or missing loved ones that aren't with us anymore whatever it is one is facing this time of the year is the hardest one to surpass and is the most people ignore.
Don't forget about those people going through some type of sadness, loneliness or carelessness give LOVE the tool each and everyone of us need at most time.Take the time to love, give love and care for your love ones.
I remember the holidays as a little girl  in my native country  is the only time of the year where most Dominican eat grapes and apples and apples have an amazing smell ones have to experienced  to understand it.
 There is also the classic merengue one danced too is magical time.
If you are Dominican who grew up in the island you know what i'm talking about is hard to express it all in writing.
Then my Christmas in Germany where also super special it was all about family good food,music,games and of course the gift.
 My grandma or grandpa dressed as nikolaus and they made it truly special for us.....but they always made sure that gift where the least important as far as we where together as a family sharing those special moments.
The winter time ,the holidays season and missing love ones is the may cause for the holiday blue hoping soon to rebound out of this and enjoy this special time that are approaching .
So blessed to received so much love from my boys where they come and hug ,kiss and say i love you mommy so many times through out the day that is priceless.
Sure fills my heart with their unconditional love.
On this note i'm ending today post

La more .


  1. Hallo Carina!
    Du schreibst sehr Schön!
    Ich denke auch über viele Dinge nach!

    Gruß Gottfried.

  2. hallo dad,

    so du bist seewolf hahahaha viel dank wircklich das bedeutet viel fuer mich.
    ich wueschte wir wuerde etwas naehe leben damit wir viel mehr zusammen erleben koennte.