Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap of 2012

Another year has come and gone pretty fast.Reflecting on this year,i had some highs and some low,lows.This year 2012 ,was a year of personal growth for me,i had lost and found myself all in a 12 month period.I have experienced some unforgettable moments,changes and heartache along with some health scares.  But all of these experiences have allowed me to really look into my heart, search deep, find meaning, and figure out exactly what I want out of life. I realize once again that whats important in life is health,family and God,along with good friends,food on the table,seeing my boys grow up and being able to account my blessings each and everyday. Once again i have learn from the mistakes made this year and even though i haven't accomplish a lot this year ,i can say i had many privilege others didn't. The only resolution I have, is to live life the way I am meant to.  I know the rest will follow.
I survived one year of blogging ,i still need to learn so much but i had made some new friends along the way.
I wanna thank you all that felt inspired by my looks or writing,thank you for visiting and leaving so many sweet comments.You guys have no idea how happy your support made me.
Going through all of my post of this year 2012 made me a little bit nostalgic.
Is nice being able to see how one involves in a year period.
I hope everyone has a enjoyable and safe celebration ,hope 2013 bring you all dreams and goals come true,may your new year be filled with love,kindness,happiness and joy.

Ich Wuensche euch allen ein frohes neues jahr!Mit viel liebe und erfolg.
Happy New Years,Everyone!
Much Love,