Thursday, October 25, 2012

A day at a time!

I've been so down lately that I haven't been doing my hair  nor  dressing up.  When i wake up and i  look in the mirror i honestly look like a scary witch. Forget me  putting on make up i honestly do very little and only for blog pictures,i can't think of the thought of putting it on every single day,just the thought of it stresses me even more.  Then I stare at my closet and feel that it need a makeover ,things needs to come out that i haven't worn in years.I want shelf's for my shoes and several  bars to better hang my clothes.   And all I want to do is sleep in and stay in my pj's the whole day,then i tie my crazy frizzy hair back in a bun.My energy level has been down the floor i already did some major test just to find out if there is something wrong with me.I honestly haven't been taking care of myself properly.  In many aspects of life i feel frustrated ,i'm not eating right my appetite is gone,i'm not drinking enough water which explain my hair situation.I still exercise but then i feel like i going to faint. Then being without a job for this long and wanting to go to school and then communication issues with my partner. Do you ever have these days??  Or moments??  Or feelings??Like things aren't going the right way,that you wished to be able to runaway from it all.Go to a different country and explore it and do new things?I know i do i feel like my life needs a uplifting a change but i honestly don't know what the change might be.
I think i'm depressed and I am,it has always been a struggle for me since i was a little girl.
That's why when i put myself together on the outside, it makes me feel more together on the inside, because I am making an effort .  When I don't,the feelings of, "I don't care," or,  "I'm too tired to care," only makes it worse.It's as simple as a new piece of garment for me even though the joy of that only last a minute.It's challenging, like getting to the gym when i don't have the energy but once i go i feel great afterwards.
 But whatever it  is, whatever the effort, hopefully it helps with happiness too and things start to feel normal again.I know i have so many things to be happy about and i'm very thankful for every little thing.I'm blessed with a lovely family and even though i miss the rest of them my hope is for one day we all to be together again.Some people just don't understand how sensitive i'm when it comes to the people i love and miss,i can't ignored the time and the moments we have shared and lived together all my life.
But i always pick myself up ,i always find the way to make things  go on,i know time is the best healer for any circumstances.And wearing or buying something new or colorful is  what I hope to feel better.  It's my terapy sort of. I hope you like this unexpected color blocking assemble that by putting it together i didn't realized it until a woman at the bank complimented me on it.
What are the things you guys like to do on your down days?what have work for you guys?Do you also go through hard time once in a while?
Hope you can relate to this a little bit and know you not alone,there is always something that by the end of the day puts a big smile on your face.And that for me beside clothing or dressing up,most important of it all ,is a kiss and i love you mommy from my two adorable boys.

Much Love,


  1. I think we all go through hard times! I hope things get better for you, Cari! You look gorgeous!
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  2. I love the shoes!!! And the clutch is so cute :D

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  4. I hope things start getting better! I love your peplum top :)

  5. so cuuuteee :)

  6. i'm sorry you are feeling down :( i have days and even weeks like that too -- i hope you can get yourself out of that funk soon, it's never fun! but i love how bright your look is

    xo Diana

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