Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Featured by the Lake

Hi Everyone, 

This time i'm featuring this zebra skirt that i had sewn couple of months ago but never had a chance to take pictures of it.
 I had also purchased this sequin motor jacket around Christmas time.
I remember wearing it out of the stores, that's how excited i was but soon realized people where giving me some looks not quite sure bad or good,they comment and they even laugh at me. 
I was surprised by their reaction since i bought it in N.J where people are supposed to be more fashion forward( guess not), all i know is that i felt so terrible uncomfortable after that!! 
But that didn't changed my mind at all i still love it and can't wait to wear it with jeans and heels.

 xoxo cari

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Out of the Ordinary

Hi Everyone,

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!!
This winter has been extremely mild here in central Florida with temperatures in the upper 70 and 80 with only couple of days of cold.
Since moving to Florida almost 4 years ago winter felt more like up north, questioning myself m'i really in Florida??
Winter it's nice too i love snow but i also love the easiness that  higher temperatures  brings,the light weight clothes and the time spend outside.
One or Two Cold fronts are acceptable since they only last couple of days and gives me the chance to wear boots,sweaters and trench coats which are amazing too.
Yesterday was one of those cold days where i was able to wear something out of my comfort zone .
What i love about this sweater is that is perfectly constructed the placements of the sequins are amazing and the leopard print is to die for!
At first i was doubting myself about getting this amazing sweater on sale at Zara because of it's oversize fit since i always think it makes me look bigger.
I received so many compliments from my hubby last night ,it's his favorite look so far, he's in love with this sweater and had ask me to wear it again soon.
It's his favorite piece of garment  in my closet so he said lol
Do you have a out of the ordinary piece of garment in your closet ??

Happy Sunday!!

                                                 MY oldest son trying to be in the picture,love him.
                                            They always wanna be part of the photoshoot lol

                                                                               The End!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi everyone,

I received this vintage brown leather skirt as a gift from my dear friend,she surprised me when she called me telling me she had found a skirt that i would fall in love with and i did!!!
Since the skirt is  vintage i wanted to keep the look somewhat modern by adding snake accent it give a edge to the whole look and still vintage with lace and pearls.
I have so many ideas how i will be styling those shoes which i'm obsessed with !!!

Thanks for visiting and reading,happy Friday everyone !!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Moon

Today started my oldest son soccer season and this is what i wore, i have to admit lately i hardly been out of the house. I'm the type of person that i dress according my mood there are days i don't feel like dressing up at all specially if i'm home most of my time with the boys.
But now i have a constant battle in my  head if i should continue with this blog and should one dressed up even when one feel at worst ???
While i figure that out,the moon is beautiful again this time is a new moon,love it!!


Wearing Zara pants,kenneth kohl flats,bcbg cuff,anntaylor tunic .

Friday, February 10, 2012

Leather Obssesion

Hi everyone,

I can't believe is Friday already!!
Today i wanna share few of the items that are in my wish list.
I don't have any 100% leather garment in my closet rather then shoes!!
I love all of these ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone