Sunday, February 5, 2012

High Low

Hi everyone,

I had a wonderful Saturday filled with some mini adventures with gorgeous weather and with temperatures in the lower 80's sure it doesn't feel like winter at all !!!
When the hubby told me about this trip we sadly realize that in our dating years and after being married it was a habit for us to go explore different places,making last minutes trip with no major planning.
Because of that the hubby and i agree this year to do fun adventures with  the boys and as a  family that means more travel,more exploring, something we enjoy and miss.
This pictures were taken in the beautiful Sanibel island already planning another trip there one day is just not enough, as one post is not enough of the beautiful pictures we took!!!



  1. You look great! I am glad you got the booties!
    Great find :-)


  2. Hey cisti,thanks much!!
    Yeah when i went to return the dresses they were still there and you had talked so nice about them so i went for them :)