Sunday, December 11, 2011

On my wish List

Hi there ya'll after pleasantly enjoying my friends Christmas decoration last night  it truly starts to feel like the holidays are here.
I wanna share whats on my wishing list not only for the holidays but overall ....
Whats on your wishing list this year ????

la more

This is my friends  beautiful Christmas trees isn't it beautiful ???
Never seen one like this one before  so girly ,love it.

Heard good things about his clarisonic cant wait to try it out.

 Dior J'adore L'or.
Ann taylor Cape

Classic Channel handbag 

Calf hair leopard handbag Banana Republic

RayBan Wayfarer  

My dream Closet  this is a long run wish lol

 The camera !!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mustard Yellow

Here are some pictures of today outfit which i was dying to try out and i'm so obssesed with this mini cowboy  boots and i'm also including one of the hubby since he complained i haven't posted one of him and afterall he is my number 1 fan !!!!

Im so in love with this little man that has stolen my heart !!!

The Hubby :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The holiday blues

It's been so long since the last time i blogged since i don't have much followers and still don't have a real camera i don't see the point of having a blog.
 Then again all beginnings are hard right?
 Anyways feeling inspired to write again .....
I wanna talk a little bit about giving at the holiday season is not so much about gifts  most of us can afford most material things at anytime there is much more to Christmas then gifts.
Is the time where a lot a people suffer from the holiday blues for many reason could be missing loved ones,having the family far away or missing loved ones that aren't with us anymore whatever it is one is facing this time of the year is the hardest one to surpass and is the most people ignore.
Don't forget about those people going through some type of sadness, loneliness or carelessness give LOVE the tool each and everyone of us need at most time.Take the time to love, give love and care for your love ones.
I remember the holidays as a little girl  in my native country  is the only time of the year where most Dominican eat grapes and apples and apples have an amazing smell ones have to experienced  to understand it.
 There is also the classic merengue one danced too is magical time.
If you are Dominican who grew up in the island you know what i'm talking about is hard to express it all in writing.
Then my Christmas in Germany where also super special it was all about family good food,music,games and of course the gift.
 My grandma or grandpa dressed as nikolaus and they made it truly special for us.....but they always made sure that gift where the least important as far as we where together as a family sharing those special moments.
The winter time ,the holidays season and missing love ones is the may cause for the holiday blue hoping soon to rebound out of this and enjoy this special time that are approaching .
So blessed to received so much love from my boys where they come and hug ,kiss and say i love you mommy so many times through out the day that is priceless.
Sure fills my heart with their unconditional love.
On this note i'm ending today post

La more .

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm into skirt

Lately i been mentally stressed but thank god some how i found back my spirit and inspiration,after contemplating this fabric for the past month i new i wanted to make a dress and a skirt.
I had this fabric for over 4 years i received it as a gift from my ex-boss who i will always will be thankful that she taught me how to sew,She is an incredible person and we still keep in touch.
So here you have my lastest skirt im in so in love with it .....
I paired it with a simple t-shirt and my lastest bootie from anntaylor which im also soooooo in love the are super sexy and comfortable.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mellow sunday

This morning, I awaken with a pleasant phone call from my dad and my Oma.  They called me from Germany.  My dad was in a really nice mood. I love to hear him laugh. He is a great guy, and I have the best grandma one can wish for. I love and miss them deeply.

So many found emotions made me feel mellow today, and listening to soft music adds to this feeling.  It is very nice to cherish personal memories.  This is what keeps us humbled.
These pictures I am sharing with you today were taken a few days ago.  That day, I was in the same state of mind as of today.  This is why there is a lack of smile in each picture

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grand opening of H & M

Finally, today was the so much anticipated grand opening of the H&M store in the International Plaza mall in the great Tampa Bay area. When I heard the store was opening at 12 noon, I had to be one of the first in the line.  Let me tell you, it was beyond crazy. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life.  We waited an hour in line just to get inside the store; then, another hour to get into a fitting room, and lastly, a two hour line to pay.  I wished I had taken pictures of that madness, but it was just too overwhelming.  After standing in line for so long to make my final purchased, I realized the line was not moving at all, so I decided to leave empty handed and just come back another day.

I did have a chance to take some pictures before going to the mall ....Enjoy!!!

I thought this bike was so cute !!!!

My little man doing the thriller moves.  He is so obsessed with MJ, and he always wants to be in the shot with mommy!

This drink was so refreshing love it !!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

fall day

Today was the perfect fall day to dig out my new BCBG boots.  We usually have nice comfortable weather; however, today’s cold front makes the perfect temperature to wear this outfit.


Welcome to my blog. I'm not an experienced blogger, and this is all new to me. However, after reading many fashion blogs out there, I have developed an interest in blogging.  I'm not a writer but, I love to express myself in writing!
I don't want this blog to be just about fashion, but instead, I want this blog to be about the things I love and enjoy on the daily basis.
 I’m a fashion addict! It all started when I was a little girl dressing up in my mom’s and older sister clothes that were either to big or too small. That never stoped me from wearing it to school and  making my mom and sister  crazy when they couldn’t find their clothes. I’m a big girl now and have developed my own sense of style  and they are the ones now stealing my clothes lol .
I enjoy dressing up, dressing down, and everything in between… I enjoy finding great deals on sales but also sometimes splurging on a good pair of shoes or clothes… Shoes are definitely becoming  my new passion!!
 My mom and my older older sister have always been my inspiration throughout the years.
My mom was always traveled and by that she always kept my closet full with the nicest clothes she could find in Germany and US.
People don't realize how important it is to shop not expensive things, but instead, high quality things.
That said, I also have a profound love for sewing.  I wish I could learn much more.  I believe that by creating a garment you are also creating art.  It is a magical process where you get to express yourself.
I also love baking.  I believe much like sewing, somehow, these two things go in the same line where one is creating art.
I'm thankful to have a great family,two wonderful sons, awesome friends, and the best husband in the whole world,Without their support I wouldn’t even start this blog.
I hope you will enjoy reading ,follow it … I will do my best!
Happy reading!