Thursday, June 21, 2012

In the Jungle

Hello my Lovely,

Living in Florida provide family with a variety of wild life experiences and state parks,this time we visited the Hillsborough state park again after more then 3 years.
It was right at the time where we newly moved to Florida I had forgotten how breath taking this park is being only couple of miles away from where i live,i really enjoyed seeing it again.
The Hillsborough River  is a area also know as a watershed a land that tunnels water towards a stream ,river,lake or coast.Regardless of where you live ones live in a watershed.
A green swamp and a crystal spring  provide the main water source for the Hillsborough river and also the Hillsborough river reservoir is the primary source of drinking water for Tampa.The water is treated by a supplier before delivered to the public.
Our actions today will affect our water source in the future is important to grow awareness of the things we do that could harm our nature, like pollution,trash and chemicals,think twice before you throw and recycle.
This park also offers a public swimming pool,picnic/camping area,canoeing,fishing,playgrounds , bicycle and a walking trails just to  name a few of the many things you can do there.
I wasn't originally planning on taking pictures of myself  i wore something simply for a day at the pool,so please my apologies for the wet cover up dress,the no make up,the freeze hair and for the marked date on the pictures(i don't know how that happened).
This day started off first cloudy,then sunny  and then finally raining we had an amazing time there,the only complain where all the mosquito that were eating us alive as soon as we were standing still.
Hope you guys like !!!

Much Love,


  1. These photos are so cool! I love some of the trees & you look beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Allison you are so sweet :)


  2. The pictures came out very nice and even though it was not a regular style photo day you represented the story of that day in a nice way I must add your beauty fills up and makes up the rest. :)

    1. awwww thank you babe so much.

      love ya :)

  3. What a beautiful location!!!! And I love that pink!!
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  4. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting, you do it great!


  5. great jungle, i want to live there eheh

    have a nice day!


  6. Cari que lujo te diste!!! Y que lujo a nosotros que vemos las fotos, que hermosura!!! El vestido lindísimo, fresco y el color uno de mis favoritos ;)
    Con Tacones en el Metro

  7. beautiful you and beautiful place:)
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  8. amazing place!!!