Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bok Tower Garden's:part 1

Thank you so much again for your encouragement,thank you for reading and for sharing your personal thoughts.  To everyone… whether you’re going through career changes, pursuing higher education, soul searching, battling illnesses, or celebrating moments of joy, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best and hope that all of your dreams come true.Thank god this feeling sometimes is temporary one find some inspiration and things seems better then before.
In my case the turn around was a surprised from my husband.He took me to The Bok Tower Garden a truly gorgeous place and very spiritual.I did truly find my self there there was this logan that said "i come here to find myself","its so easy to get lost in the world".Oh my were this words spot on!!!
My husband knows me so  well,he knows the things i love and how much i miss Europe so for him this gardens were what came  close to Europe and their gorgeous gardens.Living in Florida there is no mountains, the landscape is very limited.I felt i was transported to a different place and time, what a peaceful place.We even witnessed a wedding and ironically we were celebrating our 14 years anniversary ,imagine how i felt standing there listening to the pastor and hearing the couple saying their vows.I got tear up and i'm looking forward to my 15 years wedding anniversary and hopefully i can renew my vows in that same place.Something i have wish on doing for quite some time.Little things like that can truly make such a huge impact on me it feels like rebirth some how or a spiritual cleanse.
I hope the pictures translate what i felt that lovely afternoon,the creator of this place was a editor from what is now know as cosmopolitan .He build a gorgeous mansion and surrounded the place with an enormous  gardens that were his sanctuary .The center of garden has a tower that provide music and has 60 bells that ring every other hour.All around that area is a orange plantation that belongs to the same family.
A man that had little education but found a way to grow educationally and professionally ,always fighting for a cause and for the environment.If you have a chance and if the story interest you look his story up and if you are ever here in Florida i encourage you to visit that place but only if you are a nature lover. 
My little boys had so much fun there running around ,watching different animals and liking all the flowers.I don't know if i have told you but my little man has a thing for flowers and he always get any one he sees for his mommy.Trip like this is what a i remember from my childhood my grandparents always took my siblings and me every Sunday on a trip and this is what i wanna leave my children also.To care for family time and discover nature at it's best.
I took the opportunity to take different outfit pictures ,well it was my husband idea so i will be posting 3 series from this trip.I really hope you guys like it.We are already planning another trip since we didn't get to see all of it and next time i'm planing a picnic just the two of us.A good wine,cheese and grapes and a lovely afternoon together,looking forward to it.

P.S:Hope everyone is safe in the affected areas by the Huracan Sandy!! .

Much love,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A day at a time!

I've been so down lately that I haven't been doing my hair  nor  dressing up.  When i wake up and i  look in the mirror i honestly look like a scary witch. Forget me  putting on make up i honestly do very little and only for blog pictures,i can't think of the thought of putting it on every single day,just the thought of it stresses me even more.  Then I stare at my closet and feel that it need a makeover ,things needs to come out that i haven't worn in years.I want shelf's for my shoes and several  bars to better hang my clothes.   And all I want to do is sleep in and stay in my pj's the whole day,then i tie my crazy frizzy hair back in a bun.My energy level has been down the floor i already did some major test just to find out if there is something wrong with me.I honestly haven't been taking care of myself properly.  In many aspects of life i feel frustrated ,i'm not eating right my appetite is gone,i'm not drinking enough water which explain my hair situation.I still exercise but then i feel like i going to faint. Then being without a job for this long and wanting to go to school and then communication issues with my partner. Do you ever have these days??  Or moments??  Or feelings??Like things aren't going the right way,that you wished to be able to runaway from it all.Go to a different country and explore it and do new things?I know i do i feel like my life needs a uplifting a change but i honestly don't know what the change might be.
I think i'm depressed and I am,it has always been a struggle for me since i was a little girl.
That's why when i put myself together on the outside, it makes me feel more together on the inside, because I am making an effort .  When I don't,the feelings of, "I don't care," or,  "I'm too tired to care," only makes it worse.It's as simple as a new piece of garment for me even though the joy of that only last a minute.It's challenging, like getting to the gym when i don't have the energy but once i go i feel great afterwards.
 But whatever it  is, whatever the effort, hopefully it helps with happiness too and things start to feel normal again.I know i have so many things to be happy about and i'm very thankful for every little thing.I'm blessed with a lovely family and even though i miss the rest of them my hope is for one day we all to be together again.Some people just don't understand how sensitive i'm when it comes to the people i love and miss,i can't ignored the time and the moments we have shared and lived together all my life.
But i always pick myself up ,i always find the way to make things  go on,i know time is the best healer for any circumstances.And wearing or buying something new or colorful is  what I hope to feel better.  It's my terapy sort of. I hope you like this unexpected color blocking assemble that by putting it together i didn't realized it until a woman at the bank complimented me on it.
What are the things you guys like to do on your down days?what have work for you guys?Do you also go through hard time once in a while?
Hope you can relate to this a little bit and know you not alone,there is always something that by the end of the day puts a big smile on your face.And that for me beside clothing or dressing up,most important of it all ,is a kiss and i love you mommy from my two adorable boys.

Much Love,

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Baroque Bow skirt

Hello Everybody,

I'm so happy to share this entry with you!
This is my newest sewing project,the DIY bow skirt.
I rushed to finish it and ended up having some problems with it,is to big on my waist and the bow is not 100% finished nor attached,so i will need to re-start half way over.
I ask my husband for his opinion and he is not crazy about it because he thinks it looks to bulky but that's exactly how i wanted it.
When i originally purchased this fabric i wanted to do a peplum top but after having a debate on facebook everybody voted for a skirt.
Sorry for the messy hair but the wind was blowing like crazy this morning.
I hope you guys like it!!Please let me know what your guys think ,should i leave the bow or take it off??
Have a great start of the week.

Much Love,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Different looks

Hi Everybody,

I'm sorry for being  absent for so long but now i'm back ! I will try my best to make so time for more outfit post since i have so many ideas but never get to do it.I have been extremely busy with my boys activities both school and sports,with the gym and helping my pregnant friend Cistina.
I wanted to share this  pictures of me that i have taken with my cell phone and on Instagram just to show you my everyday outfits.There is no make up,i have my ugly glasses on and there is no major preparation,pictures were taken mostly at my mother in laws house.My apologies  for  anything that captures your eyes that weren't supposed to be in the picture lol
I hope you enjoy the looks,i would love to hear which one is your favorite :)
Thank you for your sweet comments on my previous post and even felt special that i have been missed by some of you.That i truly appreciate that some of you care for my blog and always come back for more that keeps me motivated.
I'm trying my best to reply to each comment as soon as possible so bare with me.

Much Love,