Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pink on my mind

Some casual pictures with no make up, from a trip to Orlando after some sold out items at Zara that weren't  available in Tampa.
Have you guys ever made a trip quite far after some sold out items??
Well i have done it many times and i must admit i feel guilty at times, that i go so far for a piece of clothing but then i have mixed feeling excusing my behavior by saying ,oh is a trip for the kids!
I do buy them their favorite food,ice cream and this time even bought them some goodies from Zara kids department,love their clothing line for children.
I finally found this pink sandal after paying ridiculous price for them at  ebay but i have my money worth out of them,have been wearing them non stop and even got the silver version of it.
Have you guys paid high price for a item that is only available at ebay?Is it really worth it?When i have something on my mind in this case a fashion piece is really hard for me to let go of it and i end up searching for it until i get it.Crazy right!!I think this is the crazy thing fashion makes us do.
On another note all i read in blogs lately is how  happy some of you are about fall coming,well i can't say the same.We still have two more month of summer here in Florida and i hope i don't bored you guys with my choices in dresses and skirt but i would look ridiculous and would start melting if i start wearing fall clothing.
Beside fall/winter is a long stretch there will be plenty of time to wear jeans,boots,jackets and dark colors.
I love summer  and bright colors too much to let go of them just yet.

Much Love,


  1. cute shoes woman!

  2. Love this look! Shoes are amazing!

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  3. I absolutely love the shoes, so gorgeous and it looks amazing with the stripe dress! (And wow so cool how it has an asymmetrical hem) And I do that too, I went all the way to San Francisco just to go to the zara there because I really wanted these heels. (there's no zara store where I live and i didn't know that zara had free shipping) now I know so wont need to go to SF :D

  4. I love the striped dress and the shoes are amazing!! Pink is such a pretty color on you, Cari!
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  5. Cute shoes and very nice outfit!


  6. I love the pop of pink, so cute and contrasts with your blue blag so well.

  7. Your shoes are so cute! The pink goes really well with the dress.
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  8. Hola Cari, como estas, a mi me pasa casi lo mismo, mi Zara me queda a dos horas de la ciudad gracias a Dios, por que sino caeria presa, me encantan tus sandalias, gracias por tu comments.

  9. Vision and good taste to know that it is fashionable and looks good.

  10. I love all the colors you're wearing! So pretty! And those shoes are wonderful! :)

    I've definitely traveled a little farther than normal just to see if another store has what I'm looking for and yup, I, too, am kind of addicted to ebay, but in a healthy way...I usually hunt down what I'm looking for too and I don't stop til I find it :)

  11. Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? =)

  12. I love this, you look gorgeous! That dress is so pretty on you!

  13. Guapa, Guapa y Guapaaaaa!!! Que explosión de colorido, como te favorece!! Estás muy linda!
    Un besazo enorme corazón!!

  14. Thank you all for your sweet comments and visiting the blog,i highly appreciate it.