Friday, June 29, 2012

Casual Friday

 Hi everyone,

A Casual look for running errands like soccer meetings and baseball games!!
I'm also playing with nail colors and decided to paint each nail differently ,i think i like it.
I'm so excited about my birthday in a couple of days on  July 2nd to be exact yeiii,i love summertime and July has a special meaning to me since i was a little girl.
We are currently sick in the house,specially the kids :/ so i not sure how i be celebrating my birthday it's on a Monday too.
Are you guys doing anything special for the 4 of July ???
Wanna give a big thanks to all of the visitors i had on my previous post,thanks you so much for the love and your sweet comments ,you guys made me really happy.

Much Love,


  1. Todo un mix de tendencias, gorra militay, jeans destroyed, print animal, uñas multicolor flúor, anillos a mitad de falanges.... Estás al día mi niña!!

  2. Love your nail polish!
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  3. Howdy ..
    This first time I went to your blog. Not know where I initially found this blog, but I am love the blog and your looks. You look perfect in appearance.

    I too have a blog discusses That my pleasure. I hope we can share information. :)

    Hope you check out my blog soon :)

  4. Cari que linda estas, me ha encantado tus uñas.

  5. Great look love the rings and nail polish

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  6. Que look! Me encanta el boycut, y la boina de camuflaje un estilo masculino y luego le pones ese bolsito tan cuchi, la camisa de animal print con coral y las uñas super dulces y vuelves el look completamente tuyo y femenino! Me encantó de verdad que si!!!
    Besos linda, feliz julio ;)
    Con Tacones en el Metro

    1. Gracias Karlys ,tu siempre tan linda,besos.


  7. The mix of styles on this post is nice like the other bloggers said is nice how you mixed different styles plus your beautiful smile completes the post 2 thumbs up

  8. una uña de cada color, me encanta!!!


  9. Nice flats here!
    Would you have a look at my latest outfit? I'll be happy to read what you think!