Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Key West vacation Part 3: Neon strip and Polka dot

I promise after this post there is one last post to finish off  my story about my trip to the Florida Keys,I feel it's has taken so long for me to show you that beautiful place.I hope i haven't bored you with it!!!
I have to admit having lots of trouble  choosing only few pictures and after seeing  a fellow blogger posting about her the fabulous trip to Europe and having lots of pictures too, i don't feel as bad now.
Last time i was in Germany 2 years ago i took 600 photos in a 5 weeks time frame but at the time i wasn't blogging.Imagine if i go now ha ha .
This time is basically about the same things but at day time,lots of sightseeing by the bay ,the red mansion,the sunset key a small island in front of the main island, ect.
The Rooster is the main animal on this island and they roam free on the streets and it seems to me there is a over population of them .I must say i didn't see as many chickens around as roosters lol ?!
On this day we had a small picnic below a huge tree as seen on the photo below,it was a very windy day.
We walked around,took some more pictures of all the activities  by day and i got so excited to see the Marilyn Monroe statue i had so much fun posing next to her .
About my outfit, i wanted to be as comfortable as possible with temperatures in the upper 90's  this seem most appropriate.
My top is  from last years, it's very sheer and it has faded neon strips so i wore this neon tank underneath to enhance the color of it.
I completed the look by adding this fun navy polka dot flats and red lips but somehow my lipstick started to fade through out the day.
Hope you guys like it,thanks so much for your feedback on my previous post,truly means a lot to me.

Much Love,

                                          How cool is this shop all you see is hand painted.....



I haven't forgot my Yoga pose sort of ,so i took few minute to meditate :)


  1. This outfit is so cute! Love the flats :)
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    1. Hi Dear,
      i'm trying to follow you back but i don't know where,please let me know.

  2. I loved looking at your trip photos...beautiful place.

  3. Beautiful pics!

  4. So many cute photos! I love the neon striped top and that little yellow clutch is so cute! Looks like you had a grew time with your family!


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  5. gorgeous photos, looks like a fabulous time!! i love the laid back look too :D


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  7. i really love the color combo u have going on here!! love your top and shoes are cuute!! lovely pics!

  8. Amazing photos:) cute hat and you look super!:) maybe we follow each other?:)

  9. AWWW- looks like you all had a blast! where those your little kiddos in there with you? SO CUUUUUTEEE!!! and the rooster made me laugh! they were just walkin about?

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    1. Hi Christine,Thank you so much the two boys are my sons and the girl is my niece.Yes the rooster where walking around freestyle haha
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  10. Your shoes are soooooo cute! The pictures are really amazing too. Thanks for sharing


  11. I LOVE your photos, they're so cute and idyllic. The flats are really sweet.

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  13. Thank you all for taking your time to visit and commenting.

  14. What a lovely pictures Cari, im in love with them, your outfit is stunning, it seems you had a great vacation, you deserve doll.