Friday, July 20, 2012

Key West :Part 1 Lace and Hibiscus

Historical Mansion!
                                                Monument of 90 miles from Cuba,famous spot for tourist!

                                      Where the famous Route 1 ends.

main source of transportation

Hello Everybody,

Sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks,exactly a week ago my family and i took a log weekend trip to the Florida keys.
In result of taking so many pictures i will be posting a break down of 3 to 4 post related to my trip to key west Florida,the place is beyond beautiful with  lots of things to see and do.
We were there for only 3 days that truly felt like a week and we have already decided a trip back with extra cash to spend with the mission of flying out from there to a remote place called Turtle Keys.
I was born in a island and ever since i was a little girl i been driven to the ocean and tropical places i guess it runs in my blood and i'm blessed to have a partner that share the same passion as me.That doesn't necessary mean i don't love the antique cities of Europe with their breath taking landscape,castles and mountains.Growing up in Germany divided me in two,the love for the Caribbean but also the love for great cities.
I was so happy to make this trip with my dog Skippy too,i believe he enjoyed the trip too and we loved having him with us.
Highlights of my first day there,flooded streets in results of heavy summer rain which only lasted few hours then the sun came out, the amount of bicycles, motorcycles and colored painted houses and beautiful flowers every where,so typical of island living.
About my outfit: a simple old dress with neon sandal i felt like a little girl in this dress.
I love that my little loverboy(how i call my little son  sometimes)  where he sees a flower he always go and gets it for me,how sweet is he,my inspiration to shoot the pictures around this flower.
Hope you guys like it!!

P.S.:I wanna give a big thanks to all of the people that comment,followed and visit my blog on my previous post.You guys truly made me happy and gave me the boost to keep on going with my blog.xoxo

Happy Friday!!!
Much Love,


  1. Nice to see you will make this in different posts since you had different outfits those days I really like your writing it shows your commitment to your followers your first post is nice, the dress looks marveluous on you I like seeing the contrast of neon and the dress nice post

    1. You always write so nice,thanks for your comment and support babe but i truly feel like giving up :/

  2. your shoes and toenail polish are AMAZING! What color is that?!

    Also, your dog is the cutest. : )

  3. Looks like you had a great vacation!! Love your lace dress!

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