Sunday, December 16, 2012

You will never be forgotten!

This little angels deserve to be remember as they were taken from this world way too soon.
As a parent of two beautiful boys ,tragedy like this is a parent worse nightmare.I can only imagine going through something like this,my prayers and thoughts go out to each and everyone affected, to those parents may god be with all of you,may you find comfort and peace in your heart and may time heal your wounds and understand why this had to happen.As parent you hug and kiss your child every morning and send them off to school and as the day progresses you go pick them up ,hoping they had a awesome day.But now we have to worry for our child well being,worrying if we are going to see them again are they going to be hurt?I hope this nation take action in making new and tougher laws for firearms possession ,this can't continue to happen and be forgotten.We need to bring a end to this asap!!!
If we compare crime rate conducted by firearms in country like Germany and Japan,their rates are relatively low and why because firearms  are highly control.As of here  in the USA is a political thing,come on how many little souls to we have to loose?Firearms are being sold in place like K-mart,walmart ,catalog just to name few but the list goes on.
I'm clearly affected by this tragedy as so is many of others nationwide,my heart is hurting and this sadness doesn't want to go away .I believe in God and i know God is love and he will bring justice to all of this suffering and evil we have in this world.
R.I.P all the little kids , teachers and adults that were so brave putting their life to safe many others.My condolences to all the families and thank you to all the brave man and woman that went to help.
I also have to admit that as a lucky parent i feel this guilt to see how other parents are suffering.May this privilege be a blessing that we are going to value without letting a day pass were we hug and kiss our children ,family and friends a little more.

Much Love,


  1. Hola Cari, cuanto tiempo, que hermosas palabras, no hay un dia en que no piense en estos angelitos, mi esposo estaba preocupado por mi por eso, pero es que como madre, me pongo en el lugar de todos esos padres que llevaron a sus pequeños como cualquier dia normal sin imaginar que jamas lo volverian a ver con vida, que tragedia mas grande, tambien imagino la inocencia de esos niños al momento que ese Diablo entro a acabar con sus vidas, el pasado 24, solo pensaba en ellos y mi navidad no fue igual, aqui en nuestro pais no pasan ese tipo de cosas, pero aun asi, somos concientes de que esto tiene que parar, mi corazon tambien esta con ellos.

    Cari, mandame en un mensaje privado tu cuenta personal de facebook, me imagino que tienes, para agragarte como amiga, asi estamos en contacto, besitos.

  2. I agree with you, something like this shouldn't happen again and there really needs to be laws put in place to stop tragedies like this. I hope the best for the whole community :(