Monday, November 5, 2012

1 year blog anniversary

Hello Everybody,

Today is special day since my blog is 1 year old i must say it has been quite a journey for me.Sometimes being a love and hate relationship,when i started this blog i had a totally different idea what blogging is all about.Still not 100% sure of it all and still learning everyday from it i gave it a year before quitting .Now the year is here and i'm not sure if i should continue with it or give up completely ?Sometimes i don't feel edgy enough,skinny,beautiful or young enough to be blogging.I know everything sound so negative but trust me, i try not to be,i would say is more being realistic.I honestly don't know what to expect from blogging i'm sure i'm not a model and i have never pretended to be one.But i believe fashion comes in different ages and shape,some people invest a lot of money on it while others don't.Some are super creative with what they have,some people are vintage and others change it every 6 months.Well i have a little bit of everything moderated of course sometimes being too girly.Anyhow i hope i have inspired some of you some how with my outfits,looks and places i have seen this past year.I still have so much to learn and i'm looking forward to hear your suggestion what you have liked and what not.I still don't know how to links finds of similar items i have worn if anyone will be so kind to help me out,i would highly appreciated.

Now to my outfit post this is the second choice i wore on my trip to The Bok Gardens,i called it sequins by day.
This time i wanna talk about The Pinewood Estate previously called "El Retiro"the estate was built in the early 1930's for Charles Austin Bock.Having made a fortune in steel,he wanted to build a winter estate where he could be surrounded by his nine children and 18 grandchildren during the holidays.
The house that was to become one of the finest examples of Mediterranean-style architecture in the Florida.
Because Bock was a lover of nature and an amatuer horticulturist,the gardens were designed first and the house was positioned later to provide a natural flow from garden to the house.
The estate include several wonderful elements: a formal Mediterranean-style garden with a Spanish frog fountain that leads guest into an enchanting stone grotto at the front of the house,an Oriental moon gate fountain off the dining room porch and an English-style country garden with a rolling lawn and a pond that reflects the afternoon sunsets.
He  was also a great admirer of the Latin lifestyle and architecture,and he wanted "El retiro" to be reminiscent of it.
Wanted to share a little be of the history of this gorgeous Mansion that still today has maintain it's beauty,i had the sense that there was  still people living in it.A little be creepy too!!
I hope you enjoy it.
I also wanna thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart for your support,for taking your time to pass by  to read,or leaving a comment .I really appreciated and i hope i can continue to grow in this field and provide ya'll with more exciting places,outfits and/or anything else that comes my way.

Much Love,


  1. this dress is GORGEOUS -- you look like a goddess! happy blog anniversary, here's to many more!

    xo Diana

    Dressed Up Alligators

    1. Thank you so much sweety.


  2. Cari, casi lloro con tu introduccion, la verdad es que nos parecemos bastante tu y yo, creo que a parte de ser dominicanas las dos, el amor a la moda y ser bloggers, tenemos pensamientos muy comunes, siempre le vivo diciendo a mi esposo, que voy a cerrar el blog y me dije a mi misma que esperare al año, tampoco se que esperar, pero te puedo decir y se que tu tambien los sientes, que es una sensacion diferente, al menos conocemos e interactuamos con otras personas, debemos hacerlo hasta que nos guste, cuando ya no pase, entonces adios, es lo mismo con todo en la vida. Te ves hermosa, me encanta ese vestido, feliz blog aniversario, un besito.

    1. Gracias Anyi por tus lindas palabras , tu siempre tan linda. Estoy muy agradecida de haberte conocido por estos medio y por tener tu Apollo como Blogger. Es bueno saber que uno no Está solo en esto. Hay que hacerlo por uno mismo y todo lo demás viene solo.


  3. This is one my favorite post both bok gardens post have been amazing but this one really hit me you look stunnig and the details around you make for a perfect picture/settings combination in the picture I feel that you connected me to that place is like I am looking at the house and it's gardens and there is you and your beauty congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog my love. :)

    1. Awwww babe your the sweetest supporter ever,thanks for your lovely words and piropos :)
      Congratulations on you too cause i couldn't have done it without your support as well,thanks for your time,dedication and patience.

  4. Wanted to add that the picture with you on the door holding the flower is amazing wow