Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Happy New Year !!!
Im back from our mini vacation in new jersey.So grateful i got the chance to see my father again beside how much his sickness has consume him.Seeying him  was one of my biggest wish !!!
We had a amazing  Christmas and New Years Eve so much fun beyond maddnes lol.
I must say it was nice to be there and spend time with my sisters ,my baby nieces and all of my cousins and close friends.

Resolutions for 2012:
Be Strong: work out 3-5 TIMES a week & be ready for summer
Be Healthy: just dang domesticate yourself and become a connoisseur of quick and healthy meals. Remember to eat healthy snacks between meals.
Be Smart: read five books, start to finish. Write actual letters. And embrace new opportunities. They'll help you grow.
Be Happy: remember to be grateful, regularly,find closure,find new beginings, treasure the small things, thoroughly enjoy your time as a mom. treasure your children.
Be Wise: devote more time daily to spiritual development
Be Motivated: stay focus on my dreams and make them come true.
Be Organized: be more organize at home ,day/week into designated segments and make Excel your very best friend

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