Sunday, January 15, 2012

A hint of Cowboy

It's been cold in Florida again,great excuse to dig out the coats and layer pieces of garments to keep yourself warm.This coat is actually 1 to 2 sizes bigger then what i usually wear and its because is my moms she bought it in Germany on her last trip there.
I fall in love with it at first sight i love that is navy and has the detachable fur  and i ask her to lend it to me with the only conditions that i don't altered it and believe me i wish i could especially at the chest area!
I still think i can pull it off specially when wearing heavy sweater underneath.
Here some pictures realize i should had wear some make up something i honestly don't get used too but i understand pictures look much better with it.
Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. Love the way the blog looks I love the way you write

  2. Looking at other blogs yours look very nice

  3. Awww you are to sweet,thanks baby!