Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot pink

Hello all ,
This is what i wore yesterday to work ,not much to say about this outfit that i'm in love with the color of this skirt combined with this cream top.
This shoes caught my eye at the store i love the fact that by looking at it from the front no one can tell it has a hint of snake print at the back.
I'm Also introducing my dog Skippy, my little chihuahua that wants to be part of the fotoshoot lol!
My thanks to my oldest son Joshua who is helping mommy out by taking my pictures,great job baby!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Very nice postings for today I am sad that no one takes their time to comment you are doing a great job I finally see Skippy on the pictures very nice pictures today

  2. Thanks baby,i guess it takes time to get lots of followers :)
    You are so sweet thanks for eing mynumber 1 fan!!!