Friday, May 4, 2012

Something bright and new!

This year bright colors are so trendy i have always been driven to colors i think is fun, lift up your mood and why not looks pretty good at your closet.
I couldn't imagine my closet  only consisting of black  and white i would be bored to death by it lol
I couldn't wait to share with ya'll my new bright additions to my closet and even if this trend is only for this summer, living in a sub tropical place gives you more opportunity to wear bright fun colors almost all year round.
I received my Zara dress today i was on a waiting list and as soon as it came in i ordered it,i'm so in love with it i can't stop smiling.
The material ,the print and the fit is just so perfect and even though i have decided this is the dress i wanna wear for my birthday(in two month),i honestly will be wearing this baby sooner than later.
I'm so  obsessed with all the choice of dresses Zara has come out this year and  i wished i could afford them all but since i can't i have been more selective in my choices.
Hope you guys like it!!

Happy Friday Ya'll
Much Love,


  1. great new things honey, i really love alll! especially the shoes!