Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A day at the Beach!

Hello lovely followers,

I can't believe is May already  time is passing by so quickly!!
I had a hard time choosing just a few  pictures to post ,i took too many pictures ,these are to me the most memorable ones.
My family and i love the ocean,the beach and its surroundings so from now on till end of summer you guys gonna see a lot of post about beaches.
This year we are determined to visit a new beach every time we can,i'm so blessed to be married to a man that since our teenager years and dating years we enjoy making  spontaneous trips to new places.
This beach is one of our favorite is called Bean Point at Sarasota is a little bit more private,has a lot of wild life and has many amazing views.
My boys had so much  fun specially my little one ,he been talking about the beach since then and has ask us to go back asap,love it.
Hope you guys like it!!



  1. wow, i would love to go to the beach

  2. Nice pictures Carina! The kids look so grown.....