Friday, May 11, 2012

Exotic scarf

 Hi lovely followers,

I wanna start off thanking my 2 newest followers you guys don't know how much this means to me because when i feel like quitting is when i received this surprises.
Thank you all so much for your support it makes me feel that what i'm trying to do here is all well worth it!!!
On another note i  have become quite obsessed with Ebay lately selling stuff myself there i also have bought some amazing pieces through out the years.
This is the case of this dress which i found under vintage dresses i fall in love with the print and  luckily i was the only bidder.
But soon after i won it i had mixed feeling about it and wanted to cancel the order but that would had hurt my reputation at ebay so i kept it.
I must say that after receiving it,i'm loving it,the print is just so different and it comes with matching belt but  i opted to wear it loose.
On my newest bag,i  have been after it for quite some time since missing out on the orange/red bag Anntaylor had couple of month ago , this was the perfect replacement for it.
So when it went on sale i finally got it, i'm just hoping the latch doesn't break on me like all the bad reviews i read about it.

Hope you guys like it!!!
Practicing the saying quitting is not a option :)
Have a nice weekend everyone,
Much Love


  1. This looks really lovely on you

  2. this dress is really gorgeous! you have a lovely blog, very nice dresses and outfits!

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  4. OMG, that dress is freaking awesome on you, I've never seen anything like it! Your red crossbody is uber cute as well, links by any chance?


  5. Hi Genie,Thank you so much for visiting and your comment.The dress i got in ebay the seller has various print of it the name of the seller is tambukiki maybe you can find it.
    I still don't know how to link things to my post maybe you have some suggestions???
    But the bag is from Banana Republic it was on sale for $50 i'm pretty sure if you call them up and described it to them they could help you find it,is call crossbody bag named Aira with a pushlock.I hope it helps!!!

    Much love,