Monday, May 7, 2012

Going for Neon !

Hello Everybody,

I have a new favorite color and  is neon-orange i don't seem to get enough of it :)
This is the second dress i ordered from Asos and i'm very pleased with it,they might not be the best of quality but i love the choices on their prints,the cut on the dresses and most of all the prices.
This dress is very light-weight almost see through comes with no lining which at first really upset me, thankfully i had a removable lining from a different dress that worked great with it. 
This dress has some detailing i couldn't show it today i wanted to make a quick post of what i wore today and my 7 year old son did his best to make the shot.
Promise next time better pictures!!!
This clutch truly surprise me on how roomy it is everything from sunglasses with  case,camera,keys,cellphone,wallet and make up all fit comfortably.
On another note i noticed there are blogs where some bloggers write and others don't,i'm always debating if i should write or not !!!
What to you think??
I believe pictures should have their little stories behind them :)

Till next time,


  1. This dress is gorgeous, I love the neon colors & the pattern on it :)