Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Josh!

I couldn't let this day past without wishing my oldest son Joshua a very happy and blessed 7th birthday!!
I'm so proud of him for the great kid he is,not being a 100% healthy child because of his Eczema and not being able to sleep 8 hours straight , hardly 4 because of his itchy skin and Allergies.
He still manage to be a honor roll student,with green smiley face so far for this school year,he is above level on reading, has received several awards at school and has an extraordinary talent in playing soccer.
As a parent i can't feel more proud of him and feel blessed by the lord for such blessing.
Joshua mommy loves you dearly and i admire you baby for all the things you have accomplish in your short years and through all of your difficulties,well done baby!!
We were force to cancel our original plans due to bad weather which in the end never was,the plan was Lego land or key west ,so we ended up doing  something more simple just the 4 of us.
I did some minor decor with balloons, baked and decorated my own cake,dressed up took family photos for memory and ate out, it was a simple fun day as a family,Josh was happy and that was the goal.
I hope you guys like how the cake came out i'm finally feel confident about it,it tasted as good as it looked, i finally learned the technique to perfection it and all thanks to a lady at you tube.
I had 3 set of outfit today but pictured only two,the first one was for the soccer game not pictured ,the second was for the family picture and the 3rd and last when we went out to eat.
Wish you all a great weekend always remember to count your blessings!!!

Much Love,


  1. Happy 7th birthday to your son, what a fun birthday cake. I like both of your outfits!! That dress is gorgeous!

    By the way thank you for wishing me a happy birthday:)

  2. You are very welcome and Thanks so much for your wishes :)