Monday, March 26, 2012

Leather Inspired!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and a good start of  the week!
I been sewing again and that really makes me happy ,keeps my mind focus and my soul at peace ,it's like therapy for me!
I had sewn this skirt back in November and i had wore  it a  couple of times already but i never had a chance to photographed it .
At the time i didn't had a leather skirt so this was my version of a Faux-leather skirt,not bad right lol ?!
I been watching Fashion star and love it !
 I noticed that the host ask the designers what the signature pieces where and i found myself asking the same question.
At first i didn't know the answer but after some small thinking i must say i started of making little girls dresses and now i'm stuck with pleated and non pleated skirts.
I guess that means that's my signature piece :)
For the record i'm a designer wanna be sometimes i think i have what it takes but some days i'm not so confident about it and i questioned myself.
I hope you guys like my skirt and i must not forget these amazing booties i fall in love with at first sight,last pair on sale i love the zipper detail!!!

Much Love

Top: Banana Republic(old)
Skirt : Faux leather Sewn by me :)
Belt: Lulus
Clutch: Nordstorm ( new)
Jewelry: Anntaylor
Booties: BCBG (new)


  1. Very pretty friend. Keep practicing since practice makes perfection.... The skirt looks professionally done :-)


  2. Thanks a lot Cisti,it means alot to me :)