Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alligator Valley!

Hi Everyone,

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Sunday!
Today i wanna share my first  experience when i first moved to Florida!
I remember thinking about the snakes and alligators at all times, i was constantly thinking i would come across them at any time and that did not quite happen as i thought.
I remember one Floridian telling me where you see water there will  always be a alligator living in it,i thought i would never leave the house nor come near a lake or swamp.
Easier said then done my husband had me on these trips almost every weekend there is not much protection for the human being at those park because they say they are more terrific of us,really ?!
I can tell  you that  i seen the snake in my backyard i'm still not a fan but as long as they keep their distance i'm fine lol.
I still don't like the alligators or crocodile i never have and never will and even though these parks are relatively near but yet in a decent distance, i prefer seeing them at their nature habitat.
Alligators  are some really smart animal they patiently wait and observe  their prey before they make the perfect  move and when they do is a deadly catch.
It's ironic how innocent and violent death can be for most animal specially when they are around  this silent dangerous animal.
 I  love that i surrounded by nature, gorgeous parks and beaches  there is always something new to discover great for children and people that appreciate nature!
I had a great childhood in Germany i lived in a small Town with a priceless view of mountains,hills,some wild animals and forest i feel blessed i can also give my children a nature surrounding full of discoveries too.
I'm thankful i was given that privilege as child by my parents and grandparents and i'm so grateful i can do the same for my children today.

On another note i wanna give a big thanks to my  friend Geini Corona for sending me a surprise package with this gorgeous pair of animal print booties i'm wearing today.
It was so unexpected and she truly made my day ,i love surprises :)

Much love,


  1. Wow that is very nice layout loving your blog

  2. thanks for reading and the support means alot to me :)